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These 3 Facts Reveal
Why You Need a Home Inspection

1.  It Provides You With Insight of the Overall Condition
A thorough inspection that you receive from Above Grade Home Inspection can uncover critical information about a house and its systems. This makes you aware of what costs, repairs and maintenance the home may require immediately, and in the coming years.
2.  It's A Strong Negotiating Tool
The detailed home inspection report Above Grade Home Inspection generates, presents you with an opportunity to ask for repairs and/or request a price reduction from the seller.
3.  Allows You to Determine Your ‘Deal-Breakers’
Our home inspection can help you identity how much additional money or effort you’re willing, and able to spend to get the home to a condition that’s personally acceptable. If you’re unwilling to repair issues like cracked foundations, a deteriorated roof, or a old furnace past its life expectancy, perhaps you are not ready to end your home buying search.

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For Your OWN Protection,
Get A Home Inspection Before You Buy!

In many home buying transactions, it’s standard practice to include a clause making the purchase contingent upon the findings of a home inspection.

If we uncover problems during your home inspection, what happens next depends on your contract.
            - The seller may cover the repair costs.
            - You and the seller may split the costs for repairs.
            - The seller may credit you to make the repairs.
            - The seller may reduce the purchase price to compensate for the repairs.
            - If you can’t come to an agreement, you may walk away from the deal all together.

But if you skip out on getting an inspection, or end up hiring an inexperienced inspector because you were trying to find the cheapest service, that decision could come back to haunt you and cost you a small fortune.
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